Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Cricket : A Game Of great uncertainties

Cricket is a game of great uncertainties . The followers of the game , despite knowing very well that the pendulum in the game keeps oscillating between the two extremities of success and failure , till the last ball is delivered or the last ball is delivered or the last run is scored.

The 44 day extravaganza of the world cup cricket culminated with its 49th and final game , played at the MCG , which Australia won by 7 wickets , outplaying the New Zealander's in every department of the game and lifted the coveted cup fifth time , an exceptional  feet . for the five time world  champions, it was the most deserving team which lifted the championship and deserves accolades . The Australians played to their true potential , took no half measures in the big game , a total display of character and thorough professionalism , when it needed the most . But that does not subvert the fact that playing in the big games has been always a battle of nerves and the one who knows how to handle the pressure situations , surely makes an impact on the outcome . The big games of big events played at bigger responsibilities , where one cannot afford to take half measures , nor can one grow complacent of past their performance . The New Zealanders not just failed to put up a decent total on the board , but surely succumbed before the pressure game and despite winning 8 games in a row , failed to show mental toughness. The followers of the game all across the globe had pinned up high hopes with the first time finalists, which they indeed are capable of , but couldn't' t deliver on the excepted lines the day when it mattered the most. This is exactly where the Indian team suffered the other day , while playing against the same Aussies side in their semis in Sydney , where they could have turned the outcome of the game , had they kept their nerve on big day.