Thursday, 23 April 2015


Dreams are said to be magical moments that unite, fantasy and reality , it touches our heart and soul. Everyone of us wants to live in a dream world. But then also we are often discouraged by others to dream. People say , dreamers are lost in their own world and can't do anything worthwhile as they are wasting time on dreaming .

They may be right to a certain extent . But to me, if we dream and do not follow it up we cannot hope to fulfill it.

Let us turn back and have a look at the past i.e. history of man and find out some of our great achievers . How did they achieve their goals? Lives of many great people tell us that it was their dream which inspired them to go to any extent to make it a reality. They dared to dream and in the process made many inventions and discoveries . All big achievements which become a reality actually started in somebody's imagination first.
Lives of all great people always remind us , that even we can sublime our life; only if we dare to dream. Great persons have gained their success not by chance or by luck, neither did they inherit their fame and name from their forefathers-Rather it was their guts to take -up their challenge to become the person they dreamy of being.

If we read the life stories of wright brothers , who dreamt of a machine that could fly, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Adrin who dreamy to land on the moon then we come to know that initially people made fun of them and said it is 'impossible' But when they achieved their goal , they made the entire world to salute them. Today the entire world knows Abraham Lincoln,  Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon Bonaparte as the great leaders of the world, who changed the destiny of their countries through their dreams. To achieve these goals was not at all easy for them. Their road was not full of roses, rather it was full of stress , challenges and difficulties. They faced all the challenges of life and never gave up until they reached their goals These great persons were called "Destint Makers of the World".

Monday, 6 April 2015


                             GLOBAL WARMING!!!!

The phrase global warming refers to the documented historical warming of the earth surface based upon world wide temperature records that have been maintained by humans since 1880. The term global warming is often used synonymously with climate change, but the two terms have distinct meanings. Global warming is the combined result of anthropogenic      (human caused) emissions of green house gases of the climate that can be identified by changes in the average and /or the variability of its properties ( e.g. temperature, perception ), and that persists for an extended period typically decades or longer.
    Steps to store global warming:-

1. Drive an energy efficient car. For instance, hybrid cars run on gas and electricity .

2. Speaking of laundry , try drying your clothes instead of using a dryer.

3. Take care of your appliances. Unplug them when you don't use them.

4. As for consumer goods, try buying products with less packaging.


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Parents-God's Greatest Gift

    Parents-God's Greatest Gift ......


The only selfless people in this world Think of just us to be hold All their children are equal to them Think of us before they sleep and after the get up Their world is very small with their children encircling it up Being blessed with parents, we should be proud Rather than feeling ashamed to say it aloud Ask the children who are orphaned What does parents mean to these who are ignored
Parents are a gift of God
To which we should be grateful
Love of parents is deeper that rivers and higher than mounts
To feel that we need a heart so pious
They want us to be on a right track
To get the scolding us our luck
Do not hurt them ever on your life
As god will not forgive you for that crime Parents
are God's greatest gift Love them, respect them, listen to them for your future to be bright. At last I Love You My Mom And Dad....!!!



Adolescence a very difficult stage of life in which many transformations happen in the mind and the body of a boy or a girl. In the meantime, the child social role is abandoned in order to acquire a new role in adult life. These physical and mental changes can creates doubts and incomprehension and can change ideals each young persons reacts to this stage of life in his/her way, according to his/her personality and his/her past experience. Unfortunately, today we are stressed from messages tell us how we should dress, behave and be fashionable. We all are deeply influenced , consciously or unconsciously, by the mass media and this is especially true for teenagers. It's normal and unavoidable that in that phase of life, values changes and moves on to what society proposes as ideals. You can't avoid it, but you need to understand these behaviours in order to prevent flights and incomprehension feelings with your daughter. Experimenting is not always due to the curiosity of the child. Friends have a lot of influence because it is important for youngsters to belong to a group to which they want to belong uses stimulates they will have to go along with that to be part of the group. The pressure from the group can be very big. The extent to which youngsters wants to go along with that depends on their own personality and skills. Youngsters with little confidence are more sensible to the group's pressure than youngsters with a lot of confidence. Two important things that you can give your children in their education are confidence and a positive self-image. The child will get confidence through the things he does. When the child gets an excess of criticism, he will start to think negatively about himself and be more vulnerable. Youngsters with confidence are better in deciding what they want and what they don't want. They are better in coping with the group's pressure. That makes the risk of an experiment that gets out of hand smaller....

Friday, 3 April 2015

How to become a voracious reader




Many children face problem in English language , especially reading . This is because of their fear and dislikes of books. They are scared that when they will be asked to read, the other children would probably giggle, nudge each other or make a face. Or probably the teacher would give a sad smile (the worst punishment ever) since they cannot read as well as the other . So , they feel foolish , stupid and ashamed and start associating books and reading with mistakes - real or feared and penalties and humiliation . This may not seem sensible, but it is natural . Mark Twain once said that 'a cat that sat on a hot stove lid would never sit on one again , but it would never sit on a cold one either'.

One good way to get rid of your fears and dislikes is to get yourself to read more often and more adventurously . Here are a few things you must keep in mind.

1. Read a lot of books , but read them only for pleasure.

2. If you understand enough of a book to enjoy it and want to go on reading it, that is enough .

3. Do not worry yourself too much about what each word  means. If you keep running to the dictionary every time, it might kill the pleasure of reading . Try to make sense of the word from its usage.

4. Don't feel that just because you start a book you have to finish it. Give an author thirty or forty pages or so to get the story going. Then if you don't like the characters and don't care what happens to them, close the book, put it away, get another.

5. Don't care whether the books are easy or hard, shot or long, as long as you enjoy them.

6. You may even skip some heavy parts of the book if you find them difficult to understand and go on to the next good parts....So, Happy Reading !!

How do I know It's swine flu ?

                           SWINE FLU ( H1N1 VIRUS)

Life in India is cheap, cheaper than the sky- rocketing vegetable prices. Why ?
   Our sarkar doesn't give a rat's ass about the aam aadmi ! As he only translates into sterile statistics ! Standing testimony to a heartless and selfish country . wherein, a death is dismissed as, woh mar gya, to kya ?
    How else should one react to the death of civic and health reforms plagued by a heartless attitude, lethargy, corruption and bereft of cure and consolation. Think...
   It took over 800 deaths and over 12000 cases of swine flu for the government to sit- up and take note that India was in the throes of a deadly disease. It's answer? Said union Health Minister Nadda, " There is no cause for panic. The situation is totally under control. "Really? You could have fooled me?

How? Simply, by reeling out do and Don,ts, designating hospitals for treatment , testing labs , announcing preventive measures on radio and TV et al one can not wish the infection away . For that one needs medicines and vaccines easily available. A ghisa-pitta reply which fails to condone and justify the union and state government's delayed action , bad planning and mismanagement. Underscoring , our cavalier, causal and churlish attitude and approach to a crisis.

Importantly what is left unsaid by the powers-that-be is more important . Scandalously, as I found out there is no H1N1 vaccine available in the country to prevent the ailment. Primarily, because the vaccination is normally imported in August and the stocks finish by November. Questionably, was the government tweedling  its thumbs knowing that there was no vaccine available till the disease got out of control?
Moreover, what is the Government doing to ensure easy availability of the vaccine specially in public hospitals and inoculating the people against this deathly flue ?
To aver that it has been assured supply of medicines and vaccine in a month by drug manufacturers does not cut ice. What should patients do till then ? Pray to God they don't die and others stay home to ensure one doesn't contract swine flu ?

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Secrets of Success

                                     Secrets  of success....

The study of the lives of the famous, self- made successful men all over the world and all though the ages highlights one very important leadership attribute. They all knew very well and were experts in the art of getting along with people. They knew admirably how to sell them self to strangers and friends , their bosses , colleagues and subordinates, to their neighbours and to their family members, in fact, to everyone with whom they came into contact in their daily life both during business hours and during non- business hours . They had abundant knowledge as to how to kindle the interest and arouse the desire of the people , whether young or old , men or women , educated or uneducated, simple or otherwise. The significant fact is that your leadership is in terms of the other people with whom you have to deal directly or indirectly and they have to help you attain your goals or gain your wants. The greater their cooperation and help, the sooner will be your success and the larger your happiness.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Flood havoc in jammu & kaishmir

                           flood havoc in Jammu and Kashmir

As if the havoc caused by September 2014 flood was not enough , the nature has once again turned fierce and ferocious on the people of the state . Incessant rain
s for 36 continuous hours and fresh snow on the higher reaches all combined to wreck havoc with the valley . Water of Jhelum rose to alarming level, nearly 18 feet above the normal level sending down shocks waves to people residing in low - lying areas of Srinagar city, which saw worse type of disaster in September floods.
        Tragedy befell a homestead in remote village named Laden in Budgam district where a huge mudslide came hurtling down from hill. It crushed and swept away the shelter of unlucky Ghulam Nabi Hajjam at about later part of the night . Thirteen people of the family including one child and three others were trapped and buried alive under mudslide . Rescue operation conducted by the police and rescue teams besides the local inhabitant could pull out only nine dead bodies until reports came in last . When water crossed the danger marks, authority sounded flood alarm and
advised people to withdraw to safer places and not take any risk . Many villages in the valley are inundated and communication cut off. Schools are closed down for 4 days and all precautionary measures to meet the situation are in place.
   After talking to Union home Minister Rajnath Singh in Delhi about the flood situation in the valley, Chief Minister Mufti Shayeed flew straight to Srinagar to take stock of situation and arrangement underway to meet the challenge. On return to Jammu, he issued a duo moto statement in the in the Assembly and appraised the house of current flood situation and recuse arrangement made by his government . He said that there was slight relent in rains and during past several hours the Jhelum waters had shown a trend of coming down from the level that was at Sunday midnight . According to reports, it was recending at the rate of 11 inches per hour.