Thursday, 23 April 2015


Dreams are said to be magical moments that unite, fantasy and reality , it touches our heart and soul. Everyone of us wants to live in a dream world. But then also we are often discouraged by others to dream. People say , dreamers are lost in their own world and can't do anything worthwhile as they are wasting time on dreaming .

They may be right to a certain extent . But to me, if we dream and do not follow it up we cannot hope to fulfill it.

Let us turn back and have a look at the past i.e. history of man and find out some of our great achievers . How did they achieve their goals? Lives of many great people tell us that it was their dream which inspired them to go to any extent to make it a reality. They dared to dream and in the process made many inventions and discoveries . All big achievements which become a reality actually started in somebody's imagination first.
Lives of all great people always remind us , that even we can sublime our life; only if we dare to dream. Great persons have gained their success not by chance or by luck, neither did they inherit their fame and name from their forefathers-Rather it was their guts to take -up their challenge to become the person they dreamy of being.

If we read the life stories of wright brothers , who dreamt of a machine that could fly, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Adrin who dreamy to land on the moon then we come to know that initially people made fun of them and said it is 'impossible' But when they achieved their goal , they made the entire world to salute them. Today the entire world knows Abraham Lincoln,  Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon Bonaparte as the great leaders of the world, who changed the destiny of their countries through their dreams. To achieve these goals was not at all easy for them. Their road was not full of roses, rather it was full of stress , challenges and difficulties. They faced all the challenges of life and never gave up until they reached their goals These great persons were called "Destint Makers of the World".