Sunday, 5 April 2015

Parents-God's Greatest Gift

    Parents-God's Greatest Gift ......


The only selfless people in this world Think of just us to be hold All their children are equal to them Think of us before they sleep and after the get up Their world is very small with their children encircling it up Being blessed with parents, we should be proud Rather than feeling ashamed to say it aloud Ask the children who are orphaned What does parents mean to these who are ignored
Parents are a gift of God
To which we should be grateful
Love of parents is deeper that rivers and higher than mounts
To feel that we need a heart so pious
They want us to be on a right track
To get the scolding us our luck
Do not hurt them ever on your life
As god will not forgive you for that crime Parents
are God's greatest gift Love them, respect them, listen to them for your future to be bright. At last I Love You My Mom And Dad....!!!