Thursday, 2 April 2015

Secrets of Success

                                     Secrets  of success....

The study of the lives of the famous, self- made successful men all over the world and all though the ages highlights one very important leadership attribute. They all knew very well and were experts in the art of getting along with people. They knew admirably how to sell them self to strangers and friends , their bosses , colleagues and subordinates, to their neighbours and to their family members, in fact, to everyone with whom they came into contact in their daily life both during business hours and during non- business hours . They had abundant knowledge as to how to kindle the interest and arouse the desire of the people , whether young or old , men or women , educated or uneducated, simple or otherwise. The significant fact is that your leadership is in terms of the other people with whom you have to deal directly or indirectly and they have to help you attain your goals or gain your wants. The greater their cooperation and help, the sooner will be your success and the larger your happiness.