Friday, 3 April 2015

How to become a voracious reader




Many children face problem in English language , especially reading . This is because of their fear and dislikes of books. They are scared that when they will be asked to read, the other children would probably giggle, nudge each other or make a face. Or probably the teacher would give a sad smile (the worst punishment ever) since they cannot read as well as the other . So , they feel foolish , stupid and ashamed and start associating books and reading with mistakes - real or feared and penalties and humiliation . This may not seem sensible, but it is natural . Mark Twain once said that 'a cat that sat on a hot stove lid would never sit on one again , but it would never sit on a cold one either'.

One good way to get rid of your fears and dislikes is to get yourself to read more often and more adventurously . Here are a few things you must keep in mind.

1. Read a lot of books , but read them only for pleasure.

2. If you understand enough of a book to enjoy it and want to go on reading it, that is enough .

3. Do not worry yourself too much about what each word  means. If you keep running to the dictionary every time, it might kill the pleasure of reading . Try to make sense of the word from its usage.

4. Don't feel that just because you start a book you have to finish it. Give an author thirty or forty pages or so to get the story going. Then if you don't like the characters and don't care what happens to them, close the book, put it away, get another.

5. Don't care whether the books are easy or hard, shot or long, as long as you enjoy them.

6. You may even skip some heavy parts of the book if you find them difficult to understand and go on to the next good parts....So, Happy Reading !!